Magnet Therapy

Chakra Alignment – Chakras are spinning wheels of energy and are aligned starting at the base of your spine and move up to the crown of your head. They regulate the energy flow of your body. Depending on which chakra(s) are blocked you may experience symptoms such as low energy, being emotional, feeling stuck/unmotivated, to name few. The benefits range from removing bad energy from the body, unblocks the blockages that could be causing discomfort or pain, and allows energy to flow freely. Remove any blockages that you have to get your energy flowing again. Allow your 7 major chakras to operate holistically creating balance in your life.

Price: $75

Foot/Hand Reflexology – Magnetism has become a means for many people who are seeking relief for nagging pain. Applying magnetism to the hands and feet promotes increased blood flow and oxygen levels to the magnetized area, aligning of cells in the magnetic field.

Foot Price: $65

Hand Price: $45

Magnetized Water - Magnetized water activates, cleanses, and detoxifies every part of the body. Drinking magnetized water influences the autonomic nervous system and the toxic deposits within the connective tissues of the body. The body is made up of 70% water, replenish it with water that will assist in the body’s natural way of healing.
32oz Price: $10
64 oz Price: $22
1 gallon Price: $32

Ear Candling – Ear candling contributes to a greater sense of well-being as well as enhanced physical and mental health. It removes unwanted ear wax, impurities and toxins from the ear. By lighting the beeswax candle, a gentle suction is created and vacuum draws the wax and impurities from the ear and produces relief.

Price: $40